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April 30, 2023
Garrett Hoffmann

Protect Your Business from Storms

Summer brings higher chances for wind, rain, thunder and lightning. For business owners, that might mean an interruption of operations. Neglecting weather preparedness could open you up to the risk for property damage. Think about the steps you can take to make your business safer from summer storms.Flooded house

Damage Risks from Storms

Summer weather patterns often create a higher risk of storms. They also increase chances of catastrophic occurrences like hail, floods or tornadoes. Still, even minor storms can do damage in the right circumstances.

Your building might suffer structural damage from high wind or floodwaters. A lightning strike might cause fires, or damage your electrical or computer systems. Unprotected inventory and possessions could also face destruction. In any situation, the clean-up costs might skyrocket, and put the business in a financial bind. How can you prevent such damage?

Storm Preparation Protects You from Damage

Every responsible business owner should protect their operation from storm damage. Here are some steps you can take to safeguard your business:

  • Store inventory in secure places. If you keep stock outdoors, tie down and secure items that might blow away in high winds. Move particularly sensitive items indoors. Check stockrooms and the shop floor for damage that might let bad weather inside.
  • Install surge protectors on appliances and electronics. This can help you avoid lightning damage. Also consider placing a lightning rod on the building’s exterior.
  • Ensure the property receives regular roof, wall and foundation maintenance. You’ll lower the chances of the storm creating structural damage. If you lease, make sure the property owner schedules and completes these tasks.
  • Watch the forecast. Know when to take security steps, and when to seek shelter. If significant threats emerge, consider closing the business temporarily to protect yourself and others.

Insurance Protection for Storm Damage

Usually, you can’t prevent storm damage. As a result, your commercial property insurance will likely cover resulting losses. Still, it might not cover everything. For example, most policies don’t offer coverage for flood damage. Some policies also will not pay for damage you could have prevented with better maintenance measures. Check your policy for specific details on exclusions and limits. From there, consider buying additional coverage as needed.

Ask your insurance agent to walk you through the process of analyzing your business’s assets. They’ll help you get coverage for your most important belongings. This will put you in a much more secure place in case of storms.

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